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The SchoolAdvancement iZine publication was sunsetted at the end of June 2021.  There are several reasons why this happened after over 10 years of publication.  The bottom line is that the rules of have changed along with the technology.  There is a difference between unsubscribing and reporting an email as spam.  While there are phishing attempts that happen constantly, and people are more and more protective of their information, some schools today are experiencing so much administrative turnover that they do not assign personal email addresses to employees, and their IT directors have chosen to simply list, for example, "principal@nameofschool.com" as the principal's email address.  That person can subscribe, but when personnel changes happen, the email doesn't change, and becaurse the new principal did not subscribe to the mailing list, the communication is marked as spam.  This unfortunate practice reduces the effectiveness of an electronically-delivered newsletter.

You may wish to join the SchoolAdvancement Facebook Group for previews of articles the day after they're published on the site.  As you know, the best way to retain families in your school is to build your school community, and the SchoolAdvancement Facebook Group is a way of doing that for Development Directors, Advancement Directors and other administrators of faith-based schools.

IMPORTANT: You will need to fill out your address twice.  It's the way MailChimp operates.  Please know other mailing list/newsletter options are being explored since MailChimp does not provide the functionality necessary for SchoolAdvancement's purposes.  THANK YOU for your understanding!

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